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Praise for Marjorie Brody


"I don’t know if I have ever read a novel where the epigraph sums up a work so well. In this case it is nothing more or less than the definition of a word from Webster's Dictionary. The word is twist, and the novel is TWISTED, by Marjorie Brody. TWISTED is a YA book, and it can be read by a YA audience, but don’t think for a minute that this is an easy book to read. TWISTED is one of the most psychologically sophisticated novels I have read in a long time, and it manages to deal with several difficult and disturbing issues, without dumbing them down or making them less troubling, in such a way that they are accessible to the audience that needs to hear them the most."



– Mark Palm, The Bookend Family



"Marjorie Brody comes to writing by way of psychotherapy, and she commands her characters with a smart and sensible application of her knowledge of the human personality. To portray the plight of a teenager, especially one coping to manage her emotions in the wake of a traumatizing experience, requires a master’s dexterity – but Brody certainly pulls it off. 5 Stars.”



– Red City Review



"TWISTED is a gripping page-turner from beginning to end as a young teen copes with rejection and betrayal.  As she unravels the twisted elements of her world, it is reality that finally saves her.  Unforgettable.”


– Sharon Sala, New York Times Bestselling Author


" From the first heart-twisting scene to the final untwisting, Marjorie Brody’s brutally honest debut, psychological novel, TWISTED kept me riveted, terrified, righteous, ashamed, and tearful. Pages flew past until, with no more pages to turn, I realized that, like Sarah, I would never be the same.”


– Eric M. Witchey, Award-Winning Writer

"TWISTED is a compelling story of the aftermath of a young girl’s horrible trauma. The reader is instantly drawn into the lives of these girls, feeling the pull of their emotional struggles and really rooting for them. Though not always likeable, the supporting characters are very real, very human, and at times, very flawed. Throughout the story, secrets are uncovered, but the suspense builds, making it impossible to put the book down as it becomes more and more apparent that we don’t know the whole truth. When all is revealed, the shock of discovering the truth is thrilling. Beyond the thrill of suspense, TWISTED also offers a glimpse of the resilience of the human spirit and our ability to heal even the worst hurts.”


– Suzette Stoks, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and avid reader


"Wow. Wow. The dialogue was compelling, the story line palpable in its uncomfortable, squirming
truth-telling moments. Such great courage in the subject matter – makes me want to write like that
when I grow up.”


– Debra Weingarten, author of
Katherine Stinson: The Flying Schoolgirl

"Lyrically written with compassion and psychological insight, this tightly plotted novel will pull you into a different world, (and) . . . give you shivers.”


– Tammar Stein, Author of Light Years and Kindred


"TWISTED is a stunning psychological suspense novel by Marjorie Brody which combines the metaphorical story-telling artistry of a gifted poet and the perceptiveness of an insightful therapist.  The story illuminates the staggering twists and turns in seemingly ‘normal’ families of yearning teenagers and their equally yearning mothers and fathers.  The unexpected events in this first novel create deeply thought-provoking reader moments.”


– Lori Gordon, Ph.D. Founder of PAIRS, Author of Passage to Intimacy and If You Really Loved Me


“If you have not caught Marjorie Brodyʼs plays, My Brotherʼs Keeper and Shards, get to the Rose Theater this weekend! My daughter and I attended the shows this past weekend and were blown away. Marjorie writes two deeply emotional plays that were brilliantly portrayed by the Rose Theaterʼs cast of actors. The
intimate setting pulled us into each story, making it impossible not to feel the anguish and controversy as it unfolded. As the old saying goes, we laughed, we cried — and we totally enjoyed ourselves.”


Joni Hahn, Board Member

San Antonio Romance Authors


"Master short-story writer Marjorie Brody’s debut novel shows the great versatility of a storyteller who has a deep understanding of human beings in crisis. Brody’s ability to be inside multiple minds, while weaving the harrowing tale of a (young) rape victim, her family, and her coping mechanisms, is remarkable. The final psychological twist jolts the reader with a delicious mix of chilling realization and warming hope. TWISTED is a superb debut novel. Bravo!”


– Tim Johnston, Editor, Short Story America

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