Marjorie's Photos & Videos

Marjorie is joined by San Antonio Romance Authors (L-R) Sasha Gold, Pam Morsi, and Joni Hahn at the launch of Teri Wilson's new book, Alaskan Homecoming, on 2-7-15.

Marjorie tests out a Lamborghini!

Marjorie Brody

Cuddles and Marjorie

Marjorie at the Book People Book Signing 4-26-13.

Immersion Masters Class in Golden, Colorado

Three generations of Marjorie's family (Marjorie, her daughter, and her mom) at a book signing.

Colby Marshall, Kay Kendall, and Marjorie Brody at the 2014 International Thriller Writers Conference in New York City. All were debut novelists in 2013.

In The Underside video

Book signing interview 7-22-11

Book People Signing 4-26-13