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About Marjorie

As a licensed marriage and family therapist for over two decades, Dr. Marjorie E. Brody observed the joy, suffering, and potential of the human spirit. Now in her second career, she transforms her experience and passion for writing into tales of wonder, drama, and suspense. Her award-winning novels and short stories, some of which have been adapted for the stage, are characterized by extraordinary insight, creative, and understanding of the human condition.


Awards and Recognition


  • 2014 Best Young Adult Fiction award for TWISTED, Texas Association of Authors

  • Honorable Mention: TWISTED, 2013 Great Midwest Book Festival

  • 2012 Pushcart Prize Nomination for “It Was Said”

  • Finalist—Short Story America Competition, “In the Dog House,” September 2012

  • First Place—Novel: TWISTED, Abilene Writers Guild, March 2011

  • First Place—Short Story: “In the Underside,” Houston Writers Guild, April 2010

  • First Place—Children’s Literature: “The Lemonade Stand,” San Antonio Writer’s Guild, December 2007

  • Honorable Mention (6th out of 905 entries): “In the Underside,” Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition, September 2007

  • Third Place—Children’s Long: “El Gallo,” San Gabriel Writers’ Guild, April 2004

  • Finalist—Mainstream Manuscript: Knot at the Center, Writers’ League of Texas, June 2001

  • Excellence in Writing—Mystery Writing: The Black Pearl; Fiction Writing: “Cotton Candy Dreams” and “By Royal Decree,” Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference June 2002; June 2001

Marjorie discusses why she writes:

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